Our Personal Recommendation

Humax DTR-T2000 500GB YouView+ 



Extraordinary control

All new faster and more compact Humax DTR-T2000 500GB YouView+ HD Digital TV Recorder is an easy way of enjoying the very best in digital TV, catch up players, video on demand content and recording from a slim & stylish single set top box (STB). Connected to a high definition TV you will enjoy the stunning colour and pixel perfect pictures that will enhance your viewing pleasure, the Humax has all the connections and the output resolutions so that you get the perfect picture automatically, every time. Services and content are regularly increasing, but right out of the box you will be able to access over 70 channels of digital TV and radio from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Milkshake, Dave and Really. The YouView+ Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) gives you the control over the hundreds of viewing opportunities from terrestrial TV or the internet in one seamless on screen guide via the easy to use remote control. The recording functions are equally easy to use enabling you to store up to 300 hours of standard definition (SD) programmes or 125 hours in high definition (HD). This is a feature packed product, simple to set up and to connect with the supplied HDMI & Ethernet cables.

Scroll back TV

The seven day Scroll back guide is possibly the simplest way in viewing catch up TV from across the BBC, ITV*, 4oD, STV Player, Demand 5, Dave and Really. 

In the past you might have viewed programmes on your lap top or on your smart TV, but now all your viewing can be seen from one box, in one guide and on the large screen with no fuss! Using the remote simply scroll back through the days and select the programme you want to watch as shown in the guide, once highlighted press ok and your selection will be played back instantly.

* ITV Player is available in England, Wales and the Channel Islands

Not only can you watch programmes that have already been transmitted you can also see what's available up to 7 days ahead, so that you can better plan your viewing or recording. The guide displays channels and programmes with their start and finishing times you can also choose to be reminded of when a programme starts rather than just record. 


Remote Programming/Recording 

Make programming even more flexible by downloading free YouView Apps for Apple (iOS) and Android smart phones and devices. 

Once downloaded and paired (linked) with your Humax YouView box you will be able to remotely select and record in your guide when away from home and on the move. The App screen looks and works just like your TV screen guide so no need to worry about learning new procedures!


On Demand

The on demand function lets you find content from thousands of TV programmes, series and films from subscription free channels and pay to view services from Now TV and the Sky Store, accessed easily from your guide with the hand held remote.


Superior Recording

Record, pause and rewind live TV from the comfort of your favourite chair, don't worry if the phone rings, simply press pause and the show will freeze. 

The hard drive will record as you answer the phone, when you are ready to start watching again, you can press play and start watching again from where you left off. Recording is just as easy, press the record button to record what you are watching, or in the guide highlight, select and press the record button. Don't miss a single second of any show, just rewind the live TV to listen again that misheard line or see that fast piece of action, once you've caught up then continue to watch on from where you left off.


Large Recording Capacity

The Humax DTR-T2000 has a recording capacity of up to 300 hours of standard definition (SD) TV (or up to 125 hours of high definition (HD)). The screen guide will show you how much recording capacity you have left when you are in the My View section of the YouView guide, so you can plan what to keep or what to delete.