What is Freesat?

Freesat is a digital satellite TV service, brought to you by the BBC and ITV. You'll get over 80 TV and radio channels, including subscription-free HD. With freesat there's no contract and no subscription, just a one-off payment.

What equipment do I need?

You need a freesat digital box and a fully installed satellite dish. To watch TV in HD you will need a freesat HD digital box connected to an HD Ready TV or TV with freesat HD built in.

How much does it cost?

Angell's Aerials have freesat HD boxes available from £49 and freesat+ (HD Digital TV Recorder) £299.99.

What is Freesat+?

Freesat+ gives you complete freedom to pause, rewind and record live TV in both high definition and standard definition. With a whole host of advanced recording features, enjoying your favourite shows has never been easier.

Is payment by a one-off cost or by subscription?

With freesat there's no contract, no-subscription, just a one-off payment.

How is it installed?

Freesat is installed by freesat approved installers only, freesat approved installers must meet the required industry standards. Angell's Aerials are approved installers and therefor can provide a complete professional installation.

If there's already a Sky satellite dish on your home you may be able to use it to receive Freesat but we recommend you check with us for details. If your existing Sky satellite dish is still under warranty (typically 12 months) connecting a Freesat digital box to your existing equipment may void the remaining contractual obligations you have with Sky.

What channels and services do I get as standard?

Freesat gives you over 80 digital TV and radio channels, including HD programmes, subscription-free.

What additional services does Freesat offer?
Availability of Service

Freesat is available to almost every home in the UK.​

Terms & conditions

Non-standard installation costs extra. You must get any consents required (e.g. landlords, planning permission) before arranging installation. More information available from freesat approved retailers.

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