What is Freeview?

Freeview is a free digital TV service offering many digital TV channels including Film 4, E4, ITV2, BBC Four, Sky News and CBeebies. It only requires a one-off payment for the equipment and there's no monthly subscription.

What channels and services do I get as standard?

Whether you're a film buff or big on stand-up, you'll always find something to watch. Get a Freeview HD smart TV or HD recorder, connect it to the internet, and watch shows on BBC iPlayer or videos on YouTube. Some TVs also include ITV Player, All 4, and Demand Five.

There are also paid services available on most smart TVs, so you can watch extra TV programmes, box sets and the latest films from Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Now TV.

What additional services does Freeview offer?

With most digital boxes and digital TVs you can receive eight-day programme information which enables you to control your viewing and watch TV when it suits you.

With a twin-tuner digital TV recorder you can record one channel whilst watching another, pause live TV and record your favourite programmes directly onto the digital TV recorder.

Digital text and enhanced TV, including background programme information and additional live footage for events such as Wimbledon, Open Golf are also available. Many digital boxes and digital TVs have a parental lock facility which enables you to control which channels can be viewed.

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